What are the OS essential for Your VPS?

The world of web hosting is a very competitive world. People are in a constant attempt to increase their online presence and visibility. The first step for this is to choose a web hosting service. Amateurs, however, find the first step the most difficult. Even as a web developer if you already have a ready website, you will still not be able to reach people until and unless you publish it online. Buying a domain name is not the only necessity. Having a web hosting server is equally important, and that is where many people fail in making a good choice.. Of course, it is essential that you take a look at all of the different options that are available ad get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each individual distribution before making your choice.

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As soon as you go online and look for online web hosting services, you will be surprised to see the number of options you have. There are various plans depending on many resources such as CPU time, memory, disk space, bandwidth etc. With proper technical knowledge and a proper estimation of the expected traffic you can decide this factor. However, when the decision in question is that of operating systems, many professionals also fail to apprehend how this is going to affect the performance of their website. The operating systems that are most commonly available are







People often opt for windows VPS hosting for cheap prices without a second thought, but keep on reading to make an informed decision.

Things to know before you decide

The first difficulty that people face is whether the operating system that they are currently using to develop the website or the related application is in any way relevant. Mac developers, mostly, face this problem too often. It is hard to find a Mac web hosting server. However, the operating system on your machine where you developed the website is not at all relevant. You can switch from one operating system to another, provided your website satisfies some other constraints as well.

Most of the modern day websites are very dynamic in nature. It is filled with interactive contents and some third party applications might be necessary to run these third party applications. As long as the third party applications are compatible with the operating system on the server that you choose, there is nothing to worry about. As most third party applications are compatible with windows, people often opt for cheap and best VPS windows hosting.

The confusion does not end here. There are multiple types of web hosting services, which are

  • Shared server web hosting services
  • Dedicated server web hosting services
  • Virtual Private Server web hosting services

All these kinds of servers offer all kinds of operating systems. The number of options increases exponentially. Therefore, figuring out which operating system can be very crucial to choosing the perfect plan for your web hosting needs.

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As mentioned before, the operating system you are currently using is absolutely irrelevant. If you use the same operating system on the web server, it will not make things “more compatible”. As long as your third party applications are running, it does not really make a difference.

The operating system user interface on your personal computer and the one that you will have to deal with on your server is irrespective of whether you choose best windows VPS hosting available in India or Linux dediziertes (Dedicated) servers or anything else. So you will have to learn everything from scratch and so best windows VPS hosting available in India your choice of operating system will not be making much of a difference in the compatibility aspect.

What the operating system choice depends on?

As Mac web hosting servers are not very popular, the main debate is between windows based servers and UNIX based servers. The deciding factors in this case become the applications that your website is going to use. There are quite a few applications which are supported only by windows operating system. These applications include ASP or .NET or windows version of SQL. If you have developed your websites using one or more of these applications, then you have no other choice than to choose windows VPS hosting hosted in India. There are not many drawbacks of choosing the windows operating system, and the software like .NET and ASP are high performing and easy to use software, so this is a sound option.

On the other hand, if you have used the free, operating system independent software and applications like PHP, MySQL etc. then it is better to go for UNIX based operating systems. The main reason behind this is because all free open source applications and software are developed keeping in mind the UNIX based operating systems, and thus they work smoother. Also, if you are new to web hosting, you might have to go through some tutorials and guides. Even for maintenance of the server you’ll have to refer to tutorials. Most of the tutorials are made with an assumption that you are using UNIX based operating systems. However, these tutorials are equally helpful for windows users as well.

Some things to check

Here are some of the things that you should check for when deciding which operating system to choose.

check which operating system has a more stable performance as far as servers are concerned? Remember, the operating system’s performance on the personal computer and that on the server are completely unrelated. So, based on the stability, the general opinion is that UNIX based servers are more stable than windows based servers.

this is the factor that matters the most. This is also the factor that makes deciding the operating system more difficult. With respect to performance, both windows based servers as well as UNIX based servers are arguably the same. Still, make your own survey and decide for yourself. The scale is tipped a little towards windows VPS hosting from India.

the websites that run on UNIX based servers are made using open source software and applications. These are operating system independent, and thus a website that runs on a UNIX based server can be easily ported to windows based servers as well. However, the opposite of that is not true. That is why, it is better to use UNIX based web hosting servers.

the last, and a very crucial factor, is the price of the server. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you might be restricted to only one operating system choice for your server. If you go for a windows based server, it’ll be costlier. Not only the actual windows server and operating system will be costlier, but also the associated applications and software will have to be bought. On the other hand, with UNIC based servers, everything is free and open source, so its way cheaper.

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So based on the information at hand, you can clearly see that although based purely on performance, cheap windows VPS hosting servers installed in India might seem like the best option, the overall survey reveals that in the longer run, UNIX might prove to be a better investment as far as web hosting is concerned. If you have more doubts and queries that you need to get simplify, you can get in touch with the service providers. Their contact information and all other details can very easily be found online. This is a vital decision, so double check everything before you makes the investment.